New Windsor Little League Equipment Information

Distribution and Return Policy
Equipment is distributed to all team managers by the equipment managers and division commissioners before the start of each season. Managers and coaches are asked to inventory and inspect the equipment after each game or practice. If any equipment is damaged, please notify a board member immediately.

Equipment Return
Equipment must be returned at the end of the season. At this time all equipment will be reevaluated for safety and damaged or old equipment will be replaced. Bag tags will be attached to all returns so returning managers may use the same equipment next season.

Catchers Equipment
Catchers must wear protective equipment at all times.
This equipment includes:

  •  Helmet with face mask and throat protector
  • A catcher’s mitt (Baseball players only). No exceptions.
  • Protective cup
  • Chest protector
  • Shin guards

Batters Equipment
Equipment must be Little League approved.

  • All batters helmets are equipped with protective cages
  • A bat (wood or metal) with appropriate weight, barrel diameter and length for the batters level
  • A protective cup is highly recommended for all players Player’s equipment

Game Uniform:

  • League issued team jersey
  • League issued team cap/hat
  • Gray Baseball Pants only (can be purchased at discounted cost at Play-it-Again Sports Rt. 94 Vails Gate)
  • An age appropriate and properly "broken in" mitt

No equipment should be left on the field at any time while the game is "in play"

Uniform and Equipment Tips

  • Encourage your players to put their name on their mitts
  • Print the players name on the inside of their hats before handing them out

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